Got a real cracker of a story from last weekends antics........

Sunday night i was dragging ass . The previous 2 noches had taken a toll on my fragile brains and i was running on half powers by 9pm sunday evening when i got kidnapped Mexico City style and literally thrown into a giant bowl of Guatamalan soup. My buddies Roberto and Ezbin sing in an all amigo band and had been badgering me to witness the fiestas. As soon as i stepped over the threshold of the bar door it was like getting hit in the face. I felt like a pinyata . The place was completely packed to the walls with 4ft tall cowboys decked out to the nines in their best western gears. White hats bopping up and down everywhere you looked . The sound of the band was totally mental . Like listening to La Cucaracha on speed. There was about 12 people on stage working the crowd into a frenzy with air raid sirens and epic instraments i'd never even seen before.

I tried to take photos but i was blown away by everything going on.....heres a few of the borracho party !!

Oliverio Cheech and Victor Chong

Beanieman , Roberto and Antonio Banderas

Beanieman and Victor's padre -ZZ Hombre (Beanieman told me his cowboy hat didnt make it out of the bar the last time he saw this band play)

Banderas was on fire all night ....with Hugo A Gogo.........

The whole place was literally jumpin to the sounds of the band all night long . Its impossible to stay still during this music.............


At about 12 something pm , the entire place erupted into the wildest most insane bar room brawl - wild west style. The whole bar turned on each other and within seconds it was like a Pancho Villa party on acid.

I must back up a second though to recap on the section before the mexican meltdown - I was at one end of the room crammed in with the most mental of all the crews of Guats . They like to speed drink like each beer may be their last one . Having zero options to lag behind i tried my best to down my weight in Famosas and Coronas. Rounds and rounds of tequilas. Id never seen an entire bar 200 people thick all look exactly the same .....Mega mustachios and all yelling "Cinqo Coronas" (they like to order in 5's). Right during our 5th round of tequilas all hell broke loose ....Hats went flying and shite hit the fan !! There was no lead up to it . No puffing of chests or yelling , It was straight down to killin ........Hombres were movin fast around the room slaughtering through the crowds. I cant tell if it was the leather jacket or the fact i was 2 feet taller than everyone or that i was a gringo or plainly it just wasnt my time to get mexicutioned but i stood perfectly still drinking my beer inside a hurricane of snake skin boots and scorpian belt buckles without getting so much as a scratch........

Others were not so lucky - The only bouncer there took a bottle to the head and the crowd got pepper sprayed when the blue guys arrived in force. Roberto and his merry men tried to play on but the salsa plug got pulled.

After reeling from the miracle of not being flattened by the Guatamalan tornado i finished my beer and walked outside where it looked like one of those earthquake scenes you seen on TV from Brazil or Peru ....Total carnage everywhere......

On the walk home i had the biggest grin on my face from ear to ear.......

-Id survived the biggest bar fight id ever seen

-I had Tequila for blood at this point

-Amigos are so damn fun to party with

And - It was pretty epic being tall for a night


Beunos noches -best night in ages !!

Im bringing a video camera to the next rodeo for sures