Summer reigns

midnight monsoons

Sheena Isapunkrocker loves the wet grass

Behind high walls - some peoples have it figured out .

Location scouting for a upcoming project......stay tuned

The Natur and Occvlta armies invade Waterbrothers.

OWB heavy metal convenient store - Open seven days a week.

Kepa is up visiting from Florida. Hes the new face of Ralph Lauren Polo line. Kepa rips at skating too.

In other news - Slash fell over 20 feet to the ground while cutting a huge tree in Sid's back yard. He demolished his elbow and arm and bruised every rib he owns. Luckily the still running chainsaw landed far away from his battered Portuguese body in the yard. Get well soon manny !!

Went to check out the America's Cup for the first time . The boats looked like aeroplanes and the sailers looked like young abercrombie astronauts.

Ecuador's and her giant smelly purple shoe

Storms loom in the neighborhood

I thought my job was nuts. At Studio 3 they have a lady who spins and contorts inside a cocoon sack.

Butterfly lady spins inches above a young pickled sinbad. Happy Birthday Rocketboy.