This is at the Balam , Occultation and Pilgrim show. No joke.

My camera got stuck between two worlds again.

While Pilgrim played a scorcher of a set two nimrods walked out onto the pond and fell through the ice. I was right there. It was no buenos. The dudes went right under. The ice wasnt even thick enough to hold a pit bull let alone 2 kids trying to get facebook photos. They went right into the freezing dark waters. Peoples everywhere were screaming. Then in seconds all hell broke loose. Half of the city's police force and fire dept showed up and it was like a scene outside the Nakatomi Plaza at the end of Die Hard.

Here the chief of police (He must work at a precinct surrounded by dunkin donuts and kfc's. This guy was humongous.) anyways . Here the chief gives Jon Rossi some shit about having full stack amps on stage.

Krolg kept a thunderous beat going while the NYPD divers went out onto the ice to pull out the two morons that went snorkling with i phones and jeans

The kids were rushed off to the hospital and the mob scene moved onto the next bananas incident that'll prob take place in 10 minutes.

In the other world inside my camera - Pilgrim's new set is absolutely top notch.

Count Elric the Soothsayer nails a tremendous bass solo for the entire fire department of Manhattan. They were unmoved by the rock and rolls and seemed more interested in posing with Japanese tourists.

After the icebreaking scene in the pond I wandered further into Central Park. It was blizzarding and the entire park was so quiet. Then the spaceships from Steven Spielbergs "Close Encounters" flew into my lens. What the bloody hell is next? i wondered , as technicolored lazerbeams and strobes along with sleet and snow bounced off my eyeballs.

Honestly i'm not very good with photoshop but i'am becoming a real neurosurgeon at double exposing the shite out of a roll of film. This mindmelter of an image i call "Rave at the Vatican" .

Heres a really boring photograph of some ducks i tricked with bits of snow to come out of the water and climb up the rocks to me . They were pissed i had no crumbs for them and pretty much all turned their backs on me simultanously. Animals can be real sulky buggers sometimes . No aliens or lazer beams were used in the making of this image. Nothing was used at all , and quite frankly i have no idea why its even in here.

Heres four photos that almost worked together by sheer accident. If only the middle of Krolg's head hadnt got lost in space . The lady at the CVS photolab on 9th Ave explained that my roll of film was ruined and asked if i wanted all the double exposed images anyways. After looking at the contact sheet , the lady was very surprised at my reaction. I was over the moon with the botched roll and literally ran home in the snow to see the wonderous fuckups me and my camera had managed to create this time. Overall hyped !!

You can thank the thin ice gods this Square Go's website is free.................