Today is International Good Dude Day ......all day !!

Team Acka Dacka are in town from Sydney

The Aussie Ozbornes - Tom , Mae and Alex.

These high quality mannys work for DC Shoes and are all best buds from way back and down under

This epic guy came with em ......Ginch on some Sydney timezones and no zzzzzz's but he did bring back a fine beard from Austraila

I learned how to renegade a beer today. It happened but i still dont really know how !! Lots of mind over thumb matters

Alex rolled out the red carpet and we invaded the pool area at the Standard Hotel like locusts on a cornfield........locusts carrying beers!!

In under 2 minutes of pool time we burst some pink donuts...

"Um excuse me miss , im really sorry but i burst your pink donut ....ummm will that get charged to our room? " ............Pool bird was not hyped on the antics and banter

You can smoke and drink in the pool at the standard...... just saying !!

And dance all crazy with capes

Thank god for Mae being there.... It was pasty dude soup all day long

Dude Soup - One part Bearded Ozzie , one part light blue Scotsman and a dashing of Yank ............ perfecto

ZZ bros

All day drinking led to menu laughs

I just lud my pink donut ...........

Mae dances a jig on the giant Ecstasy tablets

While Olympic gymnastic superstar -Tom Packa from Team Acka Dacka perfectly executes a series of sumersaults and splits that any eastern block teen chick would be proud of ......

Incredible showmanship and form

Highway to Hell

Tom literally turned on all engines after the pool and shotgunned dozens of beers at the speed of light

Here he gets a Renegade lesson from Ginch........its like owning a super power you didnt know you had.......(if you manage to pull it off)

The cab ride was out of control . Tom interviewed the cabbie with a barage of questions and instructions ..........non stop jabberings. The cab manny was completely bamboozled and pretended to be on the phone to avoid Tom's relentless jokes. I laughed the entire ride

He changed the guys radio channels over 30x settling on some Mozart and the cab blasted the composer all the way through Hollywood. this Russian cabbie couldnt wait for us to be exiting his ride.........

Made it to the Snake Pit to see Angela working and meet up with Buddy

Shots of alchoholic OJ.......pure mingin!!

End of the day......International Good Dude Day is almost overd

Im totally subdude

Biked home and didnt even know it !!

Team Aussie Ozbornes rule . Huge thanks for all the red carpet and the laughs .........